Chiropractic Care Provides Relief from Spinal Arthritis

A common misconception is that arthritis only affects the knees and hands. The truth is that it can also affect your spine, especially in adults over 40. 

Arthritis is a disease that results from the wear and tear of joints and tendons in your body. All your joints, including the spine, are vulnerable to affliction, and the chances of developing spinal arthritis increase after age 40. However, chiropractic care can help calm the symptoms. It can also delay or prevent you from developing the condition. Here are several ways it does that.

Spinal Manipulation


Chiropractic care through spinal manipulation or adjustment can offer relief from the effects of spinal osteoarthritis. It does this using the gravity traction technique. The chiropractor applies a gentle pull on your spine rather than thrusting as a form of spinal adjustment. It relieves the pain, stiffness, and dysfunction the condition causes in your spine. 

Regular chiropractic care through spinal manipulation or adjustment offers relief from the effects of spinal osteoarthritis. It will help you manage the symptoms and increase your range of motion.

Chiropractic Massage


Therapeutic chiropractic massages can help achieve muscle tension release in the spinal region. It can also promote your spine’s range of motion and ease back pain. You will experience better flexibility in your tendons and muscles. 

Some chiropractors may incorporate ultrasound and ice or heat therapy as part of your treatment plan. These techniques penetrate the spinal joints to bring relief.



Physical rehabilitative exercises under the guidance of your chiropractor are beneficial in dealing with spinal arthritis. Practicing the routine may seem counterintuitive since your back already suffers from overuse. However, the workout helps strengthen your spine. It also increases flexibility.

The chiropractor may recommend other exercises you can do in your spare time. They may include yoga, low-impact aerobics, swimming, and back and neck stretches.

LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy)


Many chiropractors take advantage of this new technology in dealing with spinal arthritis. Studies show proof that LLLT or cold laser therapy is painless and safe. It is effective at stimulating healing and relieving pain in your spine. Despite its prowess, it cannot cure arthritis. However, it encourages your body to strive to be better.

Other benefits of cold laser therapy in spinal arthritis chiropractic treatment include:

  • Less swelling

  • Swift cell repair

  • Less pain

  • Better flow of blood to your spine

  • Stimulation of nerve function

  • Less formation of scar tissue

  • Anti-inflammatory response

The effects of LLT are impressive. Many people prefer it over pain medication shortly after beginning therapy. 

Nutritional and Lifestyle Changes


Spinal arthritis is an ailment that is manageable by adhering to your chiropractor’s comprehensive treatment plan. The recommendations they may offer include modifying your diet and lifestyle. Some of the changes you will have to make are:

  • Eating anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

  • Drinking plenty of water.

  • Using supplements like fish oil, green tea, and magnesium with your meals. They help fight inflammations in your spine.

  • Learning and practicing relaxation and stress management techniques.

  • Maintaining good posture whenever possible helps relieve pressure on your neck and back.

  • Quitting unhealthy habits like smoking.

For more information on how chiropractic care provides relief from spinal arthritis, visit Preston Trail Sports & Family Chiropractic at our office in Dallas, Texas. Call (972) 596-2273 to schedule an appointment today.

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