Our Practice

Purpose Statement and Core Beliefs

“Too many people in our community are suffering needlessly, taking medications carelessly, and relying on a flawed sick care system. Here at Preston Trail Sports & Family Chiropractic, It is our purpose to find, educate, and treat those that are seeking an alternative. We provide care that focuses on removing the underlying cause of conditions, balances the biochemistry of the body, and restores the body's posture. By doing this, we allow our patients and their families to experience a life that is healthier, happier, and more productive.”

Core Beliefs

  • There is an innate power within everyone that is God-giving, and that controls, heals, and regulates all functions of the body.

  • This innate power is transmitted primarily through the body’s central nervous system.

  • When the nervous system is compromised by the process of subluxation, the body then cannot heal, control, and regulate properly.

  • These subluxations are caused by stress in our environment in the form of physical stress, emotional stress, and biochemical stress.

  • When these subluxations are properly found, analyzed, and removed, then the body returns to a state of proper innate control, regulation, and healing.

  • When people live a life of subluxation free they express life in an innate form allowing them to be happier, healthier, productive, and more prosperous.

  • We believe that health is the most valuable asset that someone can possess. Because of this, the service we provide is the most valuable health care service in our community.

Core values

  • Listening to patients wholeheartedly

  • Providing caring and loving service

  • Provide a happy, fun, stress-free environment

  • To always have a passionate yearning for new ways to provide outstanding care. Always growing, Always learning.

  • Have a staff that cares about you and your family as much as you do

Clear Goal for every patient

  • To identify the underlying imbalances that are not allowing their body to heal and regulate properly

  • To correct any imbalances that are not allowing their body to heal and regulate properly

  • To stabilize these imbalances as much as possible to prevent them from reoccurring.

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