Lets Make America Healthy Again!

In the wake of a crazy election let's not forget what we are thankful for.  The holidays are coming up and we need to remember that what we have is a blessing.  Sit there and look around you for a second and find three or four things that you can be thankful for.

Your health is your #1 asset, and we should be thankful for every breath we take.  Let's make sure we do things daily to maintain our health so we don't lose it.  

If the craziness of the election is causing you anxiety then go for a jog or a walk to help balance your brain and hormones.

If you have been eating comfort food because you've been glued to the TV freaking out then make sure you eat something healthy tomorrow.  

Health in America is not the best.  In fact, out of the top 11 most industrialized countries, we are number 11 and yet we spend more than twice as much as other countries on "health" care.   We need to be more proactive in our approach to health and it starts with YOU and ME and All of us! 

Here are 5 things to think about daily to stay healthy and invest in your #1 Asset: 

1 - Breath Deeper: take a few minutes to take some deep slow breaths every day.  This will help oxygenate the body and decrease stress.

2 - Pay Attention to What Your Putting In Your Body: Remember we are what we eat!  We don't always need to eat healthily, but we need to maintain a healthy balance in what we eat. Exp. If I had Pizza the night before, eat chicken and veggies the next night! 

3 - Get Up and Move! : Get some type of exercise!  Interval or burst training for 15 min a day can be great for your health!

4 - Fix your Microbiome: Your body is 90% Bacteria!  if you are not on a good probiotic and helping to protect and support these good bacteria it can drasticlt affect your health!

5 - Fix and Maintain your Nervous System:  Your nervous system is your master control center.  If you are having pain or discomfort, it can be a sign that something is wrong.  To match in our society, we just take medications to turn off these alarms and don't fix what is wrong.  Fix it Maintain it, your body will thank you

Let's Make America Healthy Again!

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