Is it time to try a cupping session?

What is cupping?

Cupping is based on ancient Eastern medicine. Here at Preston Trail Sports & Family Chiropractic, we use stationary plastic or silicon cupping methods, where several cups are placed directly on the skin, usually in a designated area of your body where you might be experiencing pain, stiffness, or scarring. The cups are each applied using a vacuum seal that removes the oxygen between your skin and the cup, which creates those signature circles that you’ve seen on athletes and celebrities. Upon suction, the superficial muscle layer (up to 4 inches deep!) is drawn up into the cup, and this kick starts your circulation, thereby breaking up adhesions, reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief and parasympathetic response relaxation. A pathway is also created in which toxins can be drawn out of the body through the lymphatic system; therefore, consistent cupping can both heal and detox the body. In conjunction with chiropractic and massage, cupping is an extremely effective method to treat and heal your pain and a wonderful tool for wellness!

How does it feel?

Cupping is completely safe, and it produces a unique feeling that is quite pleasant for most patients. It feels like the muscles are being gently pulled upward, relieving tension and pressure. Afterward, you feel as though you’ve had a deep tissue massage. Some tingling can occur from awakened nerves that had been stifled by scar tissue and are now sparking back into the flow. The circular “bruising” is not painful, but it can last up to a week, but applying topical arnica will reduce them more quickly.

How does it work?

Skin is extremely vascular, meaning it has a rich blood supply, and suction has been found to increase circulation through dilating capillaries, causing them to rupture, which in turn, stimulates lymphatic circulation. A rush of freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients is now able to access the muscle fibers and absorb them quickly, speeding up the healing process. A 2015 systematic review and meta-analysis of cupping concluded that “cupping could be effective in treating the pain and disability associated with chronic neck pain and chronic low-back pain.”

What are the benefits?

  • Breaks up scar tissue and adhesions

  • Relief of muscle, joint, and chronic pain

  • Loosens tight muscles

  • Detoxification of metabolic debris through lymphatic stimulation

  • Relaxation via parasympathetic response

  • Increase range of motion and mobility

  • Promote healing

  • Body contouring, including releasing cellulite and firming and lifting the skin

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