Flu Season is upon us, whatever should we do?!

Every year, around this time, we are bombarded with ads: “Get your Flu Shot,” and “Take you to fight allergies.”  And as we sniffle and sneeze our way through allergy season, feeling run down and fatigued –medicinal interventions such as antihistamines and vaccines seem to spell our only hope of relief. But, is it really the only way to manage our health in the face of seasonal sickness?

Well, why is it as the weather changes, that we tend to have more expression of illness and symptoms than other times of the year?  Is it really the germs in the air, or is it our body’s adaptation to a change in our environment? Why is it that some people have really bad allergies, but others seem mostly unaffected?

Let’s step back in time for a second and look at two different theories.  In the 1850s, Louis Pasteur started promoting the “Germ theory”; a theory about  “germs” being everywhere - invading our bodies to “make us sick.”  This theory was adopted by western medicine despite no substantial evidence supporting his theory and even speculation that Pasteur falsified some of his research in order for his theory to flourish.

On the other hand, Dr. Anthony Bechamp’s research showed that the effect of “germs” is really the body’s adaptation to the environment.  Dr. Bechamp proved that our bodies become hosts to a “germ” only after chemical and mechanical changes have damaged our internal environment. As long as our organs and tissues retain a high level of vitality and resistance, a germ, infection, or disease will not be able to replicate or survive within the healthy environment of the individual.

Perhaps we have gone about this the wrong way.  Imagine if you had an infestation of flies in your house.  You inspect the house and find a pile of manure attracting the flies.  Would you simply sit there and keep swatting files to get rid of them, or would you remove the pile of manure so the flies wouldn’t come back?

When we only treat symptoms to get rid of an illness, it’s like we’re swatting files.  If we change the internal environment of the body, through nutrition, adjustments, exercise, and rest - it’s like removing the “manure” so that germs cannot be expressed in your healthy body.

Here is a recipe for a healthy shake that you can drink to improve your body’s internal environment and help boost your immune system.  This “flu shot” really can help your body maintain a healthy environment throughout “Flu Season.”

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